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Sexual dysfunction is a sickness of reproductive system, which leads to a decreased life quality. Anorgasmia, hypolibidemia and vaginal dryness most often prevent women from achieving satisfaction.

In Australia, every third woman between the ages of 18 and 65 suffers from these disorders.

Problems in bed negatively affect health. The likelihood of developing diseases of the pelvic organs and the cardiovascular system increases, the immune system weakens and the hormonal balance changes.

Lack of sex is reflected in the mental state. The woman's self-esteem and stress resistance are reduced, and the risk of depression is increasing.

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Doctors identify the most common causes of sexual dysfunction:

  • psychological trauma experienced in childhood or the beginning of sexual activity;
  • lack of understanding in relations with a partner;
  • fear of sex, pregnancy or sexually transmitted diseases;
  • strict education;
  • physiological factors (features of the vagina's structure, low tone of intimate muscles, hormonal imbalance, diseases of the genitourinary system).

The pharmaceutical industry offers several treatments for the disorder. The easiest of them is to use Lovegra (Viagra for women). It improves the functioning of the reproductive system, enhancing the pleasant sensations during sex.

How do Viagra and Cialis phosphodiesterase-5 inhibitors act on a woman?

Viagra is the trade name for the PDE-5 inhibitor Sildenafil, and Cialis is Tadalafil. Drugs are used to treat erectile dysfunction of men. Active components make the penile vessels relaxed and provide blood flow to them helping to achieve a stable erection.

A woman who has taken Viagra or Cialis will achieve a similar effect. Due to the flow of blood to the external labia and the walls of the vagina, the pleasant sensations during sex become much stronger. PDE-5 inhibitors temporarily relieve discomfort and significantly increase the chances of orgasm.

However, women are not recommended to take Viagra and Cialis. These medicines affect the body too much and often cause side effects. The cardiovascular system of men is more resilient, which avoids the deterioration of health when taking drugs for potency.

Potency medicine for women can cope with disorders of an intimate plan without harm to health. Drugs in this category delicately affect the cardiovascular and reproductive systems without disrupting their work.

What medications are used to treat female sexual dysfunction?

According to statistics, in Australia only 16% of women are satisfied with sexual relations. About 10% of respondents said they had never experienced an orgasm or do not enjoy sexual intercourse. Everyone else believes that the sensations in bed could be much brighter.

Potency drugs for women can correct the situation. Such drugs help to overcome intimate disorders and enhance the pleasure derived from sex. In Australia, only 1 medicine which guarantees a positive result is sold.


Lovegra contains a PDE-5 Sildenafil inhibitor, which is why it is sometimes called “Viagra for women”. The effect of the active substance is mitigated by auxiliary components. A balanced composition avoids the frequent occurrence of side effects.

Lovegra helps get rid of the most common sexual disorders:

Dry vagina. The drug activates the work of the receptors responsible for the release of natural lubrication.

Anorgasmia. Enhancing the sensitivity of erogenous zones, Viagra for women will make you experience an orgasm 50-70% more often.

Penis discomfort. After taking the pill, the tone of the intimate muscles rises, which makes them more elastic. Unpleasant sensations will not occur even during sexual intercourse with a partner with large sizes.

Potency drug for women is also used in case of decreased libido due to psychological reasons. The drug does not have an arousing effect but enhances the pleasure received from foreplay. A few minutes after the beginning of the prelude the woman will be ready for sexual intercourse.

Lovegra is often used to overcome the effects of menopause. Hormonal restructuring of the female body negatively affects sexual activity. The drug eliminates any intimate problems and allows you to enjoy sex at any age.

If you think that your sex life could be better, be sure to use Viagra for women. It will give you a lot of pleasant emotions and help start a new chapter in a relationship with a partner.