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The facts about sex

  1. Dolphins and people unique animals, except reproduction also have sex just for the hell of it.
  2. Ejaculations the man about 7200 times in the life, from them - 2000 will be masturbations.
  3. During an ejaculation a semen on rate of 45 kilometres per hour (28 miles/h).
  4. The average penis of the person measured between 12,7 and 15,3 centimetres (5-6 sm), at that time a sexual member a dark blue whale of measurement of 3,6 metres (11 foots).
  5. The person on the average on 11 erections during the day and at night, nearby 9.
  6. Spermatozoons it is necessary to go to estimations of 7-10 inches before achievement egg.
  7. The person can reach erections in less than 10 seconds.
  8. The first erection at men arises in last trimester of pregnancy, when they still babies.
  9. Average of an ejaculate from 5ml to 10ml
  10. Spermatozoons it will be necessary to fall twice a present world’s population of a circle aspirin. The eggs necessary for doubling of the world population will fall under egg of a hen.
  11. The orgasm lasts approximately from 3 till 10 seconds, and a fight orgasm repeat with an interval in 0,8 seconds, at men and women.
  12. During an orgasm heart can fight 140 blows in a minute.
  13. Testosteron-Depotum, a hormone bound from courage, also is made in small amounts of the woman, and bears responsibility for a sex inclination at both floors.
  14. РН vaginas makes from 4-5.
  15. On the average the pair wishing to have the child, it occupies 5 and a half a month after not protected sexual intercourse to their success.
  16. Eggs makes about 0,14 mm and can be visible with the naked eye. It is the largest cell in an organism.
  17. Average term makes from 50 to 175cc a blood and tissues. (Between 1 / 4 and 3 / 4 cups)
  18. Fetishism, an exhibitionism and a deviation scopophilia exclusive men.
  19. If everyone sex relations lasts 15 minutes, average married couples use 610 hours of dialogue during their matrimonial life.
  20. On the average, the USA men and women lose virginity at the age of 17 years.