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Tamoxifen for breast cancer and infertility

Tamoxifen 10mg tablets

Breast cancer is the most common form of cancer in women that affects every one in a thousand lady in the world. You can easily imagine how terrified a woman is when she hears this diagnosis.

Of course, a relatively small percentage of mortality is observed from this type of cancer since in most cases it is operable. But what woman wants her breasts to be cut off? In rare cases, chemotherapy is used instead of surgery but this method is also extremely unpleasant and involves many side effects. There is, however, an alternative called Tamoxifen.

Tamoxifen for infertility

Tamoxifen has been on the market for about 50 years and has long been proven effective in helping women around the world. However, initially the drug was used to cure another female ailment, namely infertility caused by a violation of ovulation. The advantage of Tamoxifen as a fertile drug over other similar medications is undeniable: it is cheaper and does not require constant monitoring by doctors for the patient, which allows it to be used at home without risk to health.

Tamoxifen mechanism of action in the treatment of female infertility is as follows: the drug activates the endocrine system for more intensive production of hormones, which in turn cause ovulation. It causes the release of gonadotropin, suppressing the estrogen receptors of the hypothalamus, which allows it to interfere with the mechanisms of regulation of feedback. According to statistics, 40% of women successfully conceive a child after even the first course of taking Tamoxifen. This chance increases to 70% with repeated use of the drug. Often Tamoxifen leads to the conception of twins, and sometimes triplets so be prepared for replenishment in the family.

Tamoxifen for breast cancer

Tamoxifen is now known as the most effective alternative to chemotherapy and surgery for breast cancer. According to medical professionals, Tamoxifen’s invention is an incredible progress and a real achievement in oncology. The great thing about this drug is that it can be used both in the treatment of already diagnosed breast cancer and in the prevention of this disease. Many women have a predisposition to this form of cancer, whether due to a certain lifestyle or as a hereditary feature of the body if there have been cases of breast cancer in the family. Studies show that Tamoxifen reduces the likelihood of breast cancer by 40%. In women who have already been diagnosed, the drug reduces percentage of lethal cases by 34% and the relapse rate by 41%. You must agree that it's an impressive result for pills which can be taken even at home.

How does this medicine work? It is known that in a number of cases protein substances-receptors are located on the tumor cell, which can bind to female sex hormones and lead to stimulation of tumor cell growth. Tamoxifen, entering the surface of a tumor cell, blocks receptors and prevents the tumor cell from multiplying.

Before taking Tamoxifen, contact your doctor and go through physical examination. Despite the fact that hormone therapy using Tamoxifen has fewer side effects and is much less toxic than chemotherapy, you first need to determine your hormonal balance and understand how effective Tamoxifen will be in your particular case.

Calculations were made that showed that the lives of more than 400 thousand women were saved precisely thanks to the hero of this article, Tamoxifen, and even more women were able to conceive a child after a course of treatment with this drug. We hope that Tamoxifen will help you as well!