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Antabuse / Disulfiram

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Disulfiram also known as Antabuse is used to treat alcohol addiction. The drug prevents the breakdown of alcohol, causing accumulation of toxic substances in the body. The use of strong drinks leads to intoxication, accompanied by unpleasant or even painful sensations. During treatment, a persistent aversion to alcohol is developed, which persists even after the end of the medication’s effect.

Antabuse / Disulfiram 250mg

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In some cases, doctors recommend buying Antabuse for drug addiction and toxicomania. The use of the drug helps in correcting addict’s behavior and achieving faster recovery.

Antabuse indications for use

The following symptoms indicate the presence of alcohol addiction:

The development of the disease is accompanied by personality degradation and disruption of the internal organs. First of all, the nervous system suffers, which leads to loss of control over urination, a decrease in sexual desire and other symptoms.

You can buy Antabuse at any stage of alcohol addiction. The drug contains the active substance Disulfiram, which causes persistent rejection of alcoholic beverages. In severe forms of alcoholism, medication should be combined with other treatment methods.

Before using the drug, it is necessary to cleanse the body of ethanol and undergo a medical examination. During therapy, the patient should regularly visit a doctor.

How to take Antabuse?

Antabuse is available in effervescent tablets, which must be dissolved in 120-150 ml of water. The medicine is taken 1-2 times a day. The duration of therapy is determined by the doctor depending on the severity of the disorder and the body's response to the drug.

A week after the start of taking Antabuse, an alcoholic provocation is conducted. The patient consumes 20-50 ml of strong alcohol or a bottle of beer. Due to negative reaction of the body, the patient no longer wants to drink alcohol. To consolidate the effect, alcoholic provocation can be carried out several times.

Antabuse dosage and overdose

One pill of Antabuse contains 200 mg or 400 mg of the active substance Disulfiram. The daily dose of the medicine is determined by the doctor after a medical examination. Taking more than 500 mg of Disulfiram per day is prohibited.

Additional components of Antabuse are:

An overdose causes neurological complications, respiratory depression, coma, and other serious disorders. Having accidentally taken a large number of tablets, immediately seek medical help.

How does Antabuse work?

Disulfiram blocks the liver enzyme, which is responsible for the breakdown of ethyl alcohol. After drinking alcohol, the level of acetaldehyde rises in the blood, which leads to the appearance of unpleasant sensations: nausea, dizziness, headache, palpitations, decreased blood pressure, and vomiting. During treatment, the patient develops a persistent aversion to alcohol. Antabuse should also be bought by people who have already undergone a course of treatment for alcohol addiction but are afraid of relapse.

The medication begins to act within 1-2 hours after usage. The first results of treatment are noticeable after 3 days. The effect lasts two weeks after the end of taking Antabuse.


Antabuse is contraindicated in a number of diseases:

Antabuse is not prescribed for people with Disulfiram intolerance, pregnant women and nursing mothers. Patients over 65 years of age should take the drug with caution.

In addition, the combination of disulfiram with the following active substances should be avoided:

Before you buy Antabuse, be sure to read the instructions. Improper use of the drug can be harmful to health.

IMPORTANT: It is forbidden to drink alcohol while taking Antabuse. An exception is a special provocation with ethyl alcohol, which is prescribed at one of the stages of therapy.

Side effects of using Antabuse

Despite the fact that Disulfiram in combination with alcohol causes discomfort, Antabuse belongs to the group of moderately safe drugs.

Taking the medicine can cause mild side effects:

Tell your doctor about other side effects. A specialist can reduce the dosage of the drug, which will relieve you of discomfort.

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